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Why did Bill Cosby want sex with comatose women


Why did Bill Cosby want sex with comatose women

As more and more information come to light about Bill Cosby’s long job as a sexual predator—the quantity of their alleged victims (45, at latest count); their techniques for incapacitating women (quaaludes, he admitted under oath in 2005); one question continues to be unanswered: Why? Why would Cosby—or anyone—want to own intercourse with a partner that is unconscious?

A partner’s pleasure is a major component of their own enjoyment for most men and women. Women’s mags regularly list passion since the “number one turn-on for men. ” Many males are maybe not stimulated by physical physical violence, either; within one research, scientists monitored men’s arousal levels by having a “penile plethymospgraph”—a device that steps men’s response that is physiological different stimuli—and discovered that guys are typically considerably less stimulated by paying attention to rape scenes rather than scenes of consensual intercourse.

Robert Weiss, creator regarding the Sexual healing Institute in Los Angeles latin brides, understands Cosby’s behavior as fetishistic. “These women, whenever they’re unconscious, might be an object, ” Weiss stated in a phone meeting with feamales in the planet. “They could possibly be shoes or foot or a whip or even a string. It is just like a intimate fetish, a paraphilia. Many people need some type or types of atypical situation or object in order to be completely stimulated. ”

Many fetishists—whether they’re struggling to get intimate satisfaction without having the fetish situation, or whether it is an extra turn-on—can trace the foundation of these uncommon interest to an earlier experience that is sexual.

“These control situations inevitably originate from early injury, ” Weiss stated. (more…)

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