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Web Bride


Web Bride

caption Jen Glantz is having strangers plan her wedding. source Thanks To Jen Glantz

Simply two times after getting involved, Jen Glantz possessed an idea that is brilliant.

She ended up being having a manicure each time a complete complete stranger saw her band and instantly established into a tirade of wedding advice – through the true quantity of bridesmaids she need to how any way you like flower crowns are. Although only newly involved, Glantz knew this example ended up beingn’t unique. Everyone else did actually have opinions on what she should plan her wedding.

At that minute, Glantz chose to place her wedding preparation totally in the possession of of other folks. several days later|days that are few, she established Finally the Bride, a web site where individuals can vote on all factors of her wedding – from the measurements of the budget towards the design of her gown.

Glantz was to hundreds of weddings as a ‘bridesmaid for hire’

Glantz’s fiance, Adam, instantly authorized for the concept she had in actually planning their wedding because he understood how little interest.

“It took fifteen minutes to select out a nail color, it can simply simply take me personally an eternity which will make a choice about my wedding,” she told Insider. “I’ve gone to hundreds of weddings – more as compared to person that is average. It made me personally preparing personal was simply far too difficult and overwhelming.”

Glantz happens to be to hundreds of weddings because it’s her job. In 2014, she made headlines with her company, Bridesmaid for Hire, allowing ladies to pay for her to go to their weddings as being a bridesmaid.

“I understand it sounds crazy but strangers have i’d like to engage in their wedding when it comes to previous 5 1/2 years,” she said. (more…)

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