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Teenage dating apps: what you ought to understand. One of many many communications our…


Teenage dating apps: what you ought to understand. One of many many communications our…

One of numerous many communications our ’13 year old’ received on Tinder. Good Morning Britain research has uncovered proof of kiddies being targeted for intercourse on a single around the globe’s biggest teenage internet dating sites – and simply hours they announced the app would no longer allow teens to use it after we handed our findings over to Tinder. GMB researcher Athene Hunt, 27, created a fake profile posing as a 13-year-old woman, ‘Amy’ – using an image of the youthful-looking person in we – while the reaction ended up being shocking.

An overall total of 122 men messaged us regarding the application – and just two had been the age that is same our 13 yr old. One even admitted to being 24 and bragged on how he had been fooling the online world. Another guy stated he had been 16 – however in their photo appeared to be he had been inside the 40s. Almost 70 % associated with the communications had been from men older than permission and something in five of the social individuals had nudity to their profile photos. It really is a great deal more shocking than the things I’ve experienced as a grown-up on this software

GMB researcher Athene Search. Eight males directly asked our 13 year old for sex and two users made direct demands for nude photos. Five asked Amy to make contact with them via an encrypted application this means it is un-hackable and police can’t request or have that given information and people communications are deleted immediately. An additional 10 provided their encrypted contact address on their profile web page.

Hours after publishing our evidence to Tinder they released the next declaration: ” for a platform which have facilitated over 11 billion connections, we possess the obligation of constantly evaluating our various individual experiences to make certain we have been delivering the product that is best. (more…)

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