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Surprising Post-Intercourse Responses


Surprising Post-Intercourse Responses

Think all females get to sleep happily, nestled within their spouse’s arms, after a small nooky? Reconsider that thought! Some females suffer from many responses after intercourse, including pain and bleeding to tears and food cravings—even amnesia! Right right Here, our experts weigh in on a few of the more things that are unusual encounter after sex.

you adore him and you also’re maybe not angry at him—you even forgave him for forgetting to avoid at the shop on your way home from work like he promised to—so exactly why are you experiencing weepy after sex? Don’t worry, states Isadora Alman, a board-certified sexologist and certified relationship specialist in bay area. Periodic post-sex tears that do not come with relationship difficulty are normal and in most cases no big deal. “this is a release of saved stress, like an orgasm, and quite often accompanies one,” she adds.

Kathleen,* 3, a female who lives when you look at the Boston area, says that after she utilizes the toilet after intercourse, she notices a small blood on the bathroom paper, and it also worries her. Once and for all explanation, states Lissa Rankin, MD, ob-gyn, an author as well as the creator of “Postcoital bleeding is not normal until you’re menstr (more…)

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