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Resources in Springfield. Community Summit: Focus on Poverty


Resources in Springfield. Community Summit: Focus on Poverty

Zone Blitz is just one effort directed at enhancing standard of living for Springfield residents. Other initiatives that are related work by the Impacting Poverty Commission, The Northwest Project and much more.

The Junior League of Springfield, City of Springfield and also the Community Foundation of the Ozarks hosted a residential area Summit on Poverty to issue the city Focus Report, the findings associated with Impacting Poverty Commission therefore the plans that are initial the Community Listen Zone Blitz. The city Focus Report once once once again unveiled that despite poverty being truly a red banner problem because the report’s inception in 2004, the difficulties continue steadily to aggravate.

Pictured above right, Lockhart, president of Jacksonville, Florida-based the Family Foundation, was the keynote speaker at the Community Summit: Focus on Poverty dawn. Lockhart talked in regards to the “1,000 in 1,000” system, which aims to carry 1,000 individuals away from poverty in 1,000 times. (more…)

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