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Psychic Explained 101


So who’s dialing the numbers? Lonely people. Your subscription could not be saved. People in trouble. Please try again. Women call to ask if they’re pregnant. Psychic Medium Laura Lynn.

Men call from jail, asking for legal advice. Ordained Minister – Psychic Medium – Spiritual Healer – Teacher. One woman called to ask if her husband would continuing beating her ironically, for running up a huge phone bill calling psychics. Services.

For some, the calls become an addiction. “I have gone to many mediums. A paralegal secretary named Christine Winer was sent to prison after embezzling $30,000 to pay for calls to Psychic Friends. However, this was the best experience I ever had. Worried about her future, Winer says she became "obsessed" with the need for psychic advice.

Laura Lynn confirmed my family’s past history, in which no one would know. In other words, people are calling to get some sense of control and predictability in their lives of insecurity and heartache. She gave information for my future, which I am looking forward to enjoying and I am looking forward to seeing her again.” – Ann W. And who is on the other end of the line? Anyone with some spare time and a phone line in their home.

Readings can be scheduled in-person – or – they can be done over-the-phone . (*Due to COVID-19 – only phone readings are available at this time,*) Due to liability issues, clients must be 18 years or older to schedule. Donna Kenworthy, author of "A 1-900 Psychic Speaks," says she spent the last three years giving psychic advice to people over the phone — often while she was in the nude. Readings may only be done individually with the person being read so that personal energy and spirit vibrations do not cross. The 53-year-old Kenworthy says the worst part of her job wasn’t trying to predict the future in her birthday suit, it was trying to fit household chores in between the 10 to 12 hours she spent each day giving readings. In addition, a reading is a very personal and unique experience that is meant just for YOU, and no one else.

And not everyone who called Kenworthy wanted psychic advice. You may record the reading or take notes, but only the person being read is allowed to come to the reading. One customer freaked her out by confessing to a murder, while another caller was a Satan worshiper who spent 30 minutes asking for advice about casting spells. Immediate family members will be scheduled on separate days as they share the same family in spirit and the reading utilizes much of their energy as well. In "Secrets of a Telephone Psychic," author Frederick Woodruff details his years as a telephone psychic. "Short of suing people as a way to maintain a lucrative, self-employed status, working as a phone psychic can provide a decent level of cash flow," he says. Readings with the same individual can only be scheduled 4-6 months at a time.

According to Woodruff, lots of people make a substantial living working for some of the busier psychic lines. "One woman I know is bringing home a decent two thousand dollars a month by making the lines her main source of income," he says. "Other friends who work part time as artists or writers or full-time students enjoy the convenience of setting their own hours and working from their homes to bring in an extra $300 a week." It is vital to allow this much space in between private spirit readings, to allow life to change and take it’s course. Requirements of the job, he says, include a good speaking cheap psychics voice that can project emotion and enthusiasm, as well as the ability to find creative solutions to unexpected problems. The information provided in a reading typically provides guidance for that amount of time as well. Maybe those clairvoyants in the carnival tents with their crystal balls weren’t so bad after all. With this guideline being in place, it is HIGHLY recommended that 1st time clients schedule for an hour long session. At least they made an effort to create an aura of psychic phenomenon. There is a lot of information and spirit communication that takes place during the initial reading and half hour readings cannot be extended at the time of the appointment.

Whether it be a half hour or hour reading, they can still only be scheduled by the same client 4-6 months apart. Best psychics. This is the moral and ethical way to practice metaphysics and give readings.

We all have that one thing happening in our lives that’s occupying too much of our thoughts. Also, please DO NOT SCHEDULE A READING FOR SOMEONE ELSE .

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