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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Faq’s


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Faq’s

Are there any caps or exclusions through the concept of payroll expenses or owner settlement?

You have to exclude the immediate following:

  • Payment to a worker whose major destination of residence is outside the united states of america
  • Payment to a separate specialist (1099). Independent contractors usually do not count as workers within PPP.
  • Certified sick and household leave wages which is why a credit is permitted under parts 7001 and 7003 associated with the Families First Coronavirus reaction Act (FFCRA) (Public Law 116–127)

Additionally, the payment of any specific worker is capped at an annual wage of $100,000, which means $46,154 per worker throughout a 24-week covered period or $15,385 per worker during an 8-week period that is covered.

The maximum amount of loan forgiveness you can claim as compensation for owner-employees, self-employed individuals and general partners is the lower of 2.5 months of compensation earned or $20,833, which is the 2.5-month equivalent of $100,000 per year for a 24-week covered period. In the event that you elect an 8-week covered duration, the most is placed at $15,385, which will be the 8-week exact carbon copy of $100,000.

Keep in mind, to become entitled to 100per cent loan forgiveness, at the very least 60percent regarding the PPP loan can be used for qualified payroll expenses.

The same pro-rated maximum applies if you apply early, before the end of the covered period. What this means is you can claim for cash compensation for any individual employee will be $100,000/52 x 16 weeks = $30,769 if you apply after the 16th week (as an example), the maximum.

What sort of nonpayroll expenses are entitled to loan forgiveness?

Qualified nonpayroll expenses consist of:

  • Interest re payments on company home loan responsibilities on genuine or property that is personal where in fact the mortgage originated, (although not any re re payment of principal or prepayment of interest)
  • Company lease or rent re re payments for genuine or individual home, where in fact the lease or rent contract was at force
  • Company energy re re payments for something such as for example electricity, gasoline, water, transport, phone, or access that is internet which service began


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