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On Interracial Dating, Toxic Masculinity that is asian Feminist Agency


On Interracial Dating, Toxic Masculinity that is asian Feminist Agency

When it comes to past few days, #AsianTwitter & #AsianFacebook happen engaging in hot debates about a write-up authored by Baltimore-based, Filipino-American Eliza Romero called “Asian Women, i will be Calling You Out On This One.”

*Before we start, i’d exactly like to express that i’m happy our community is finally having these essential conversations with each other. When I constantly state, if white supremacy were to be totally eliminated out of this Earth, we’d have way less dilemmas but we’d have problems still. We see any discussion in the grouped community as progress, so long as it will continue to focus probably the most marginalized.*

When you look at the article, Romero introduced three theories:

a. That “Asian females encounter a much greater quantity of privilege in a society that is white-dominated Asian males, particularly lighter-skinned East Asian ladies.”

b. That “Asian females have now been socially influenced to believe that white guys are more appealing than Asian guys because Western news has emasculated Asian men.”

c. That “Asian women simply don’t want to acknowledge they place the fault in the dudes. they have a white guy fetish so”

To begin with, if just what lands within the ear from reading those statements is “Asian women can be to be culpable for the dilemmas that plague Asian males” then please understand you aren’t alone. (more…)

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