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Let me make it clear about Through the Green Notebook


Let me make it clear about Through the Green Notebook

By: Megan Jantos

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Throughout the last few years, the Army has rolled down a brand new system that enables it to better manage skill while involving active-duty officers within the project procedure. This system, called the Assignment Interactive Module (AIM) 2.0 is simply the Army’s form of Tinder except in the place of linking daters, AIM 2.0 partners talented officers with available Army jobs. In accordance with Tinder’s internet right friend finder site, the applying enables users to “Match. Talk. Date.” AIM 2.0 follows a logic that is similar.

Unlike Tinder, AIM 2.0 provides an awkward–albeit well-intentioned–chaperone to escort officers and units in their courtship. Before, after and during your matching procedure your branch supervisor, now similar to a mentor, can assist by giving Army project priorities, and feasible matches based in your experience and put across the job course.


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