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Let me make it clear about Advance-Fee Loan Scams


Let me make it clear about Advance-Fee Loan Scams


The Attorney General provides Consumer Alerts to see the general public of unjust, deceptive, or misleading company methods, and also to offer information and help with other problems of concern. Customer Alerts aren’t legal services, legal authority, or perhaps a binding legal viewpoint through the Department of Attorney General.


Advance-fee loan or credit card scams tend to be geared towards people who have bad credit. The scam may begin as a legitimate showing up website offering online lending solutions or an advertising into the paper: “Bad credit no issue — loans available by applying online or calling the customer is quickly told, “You are qualified, you must deliver a charge to process your application/pay a security deposit/pay for insurance coverage.” The target will pay the amount of money, with no credit or loan card is given. (more…)

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