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In a similar way, compressing a Blu-ray film to fit into a smaller sized empty disc could occupy to 10 hrs. This holds true whatever Blu-ray copy software program application you select. Many people are wondering if it’s possible to backup Blu-Ray movie discs according to a recent poll. Since it still a small investment buying a Blu-Ray movie disc averaging around $25 for a newer hit movie, people want an easy solution for protecting this investment. That is when today’s newer Blu Ray software comes in handy. It’s not as easy as popping the disc in your BD drive and copying to your hard drive.

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Their Blu Ray Ripper software provides a range of typical functionalities but misses the objective with regards to conversion speed and customizable features. As soon as an ISO data is on your computer, the duplicate procedure reduces considerably. We located that shedding a new duplicate of a Blu-ray disc from a disc photos takes an average of 45 mins. So if you’re most likely to make numerous discs, you would certainly be ideal served to shed from a drawn-out ISO file rather than make individual disc-to-disc duplicates. Since Blu-ray data are so huge, making duplicates of them is a time-consuming process– particularly if you’re making a disc-to-disc copy. We found it occupies to five hrs to finish a complete disc-to-disc duplicate.

In case of scratches, fingerprints, breakage, kids playing with them, etc… you can rest assured that you have a working backup. Or even better, use the backed up Blu Ray as the main disc to watch and lock away the original. Our top 3 picks all offer regular updates to their software. First, here are constantly new updates to the copy protection codes that are added to each Blu Ray movie. To be sure that the software works on newer movies the software must be updated with the new decryption codes to counteract this. DVDFab and Blue-Cloner are updated the most often which is a major reason they are our top picks. Blu-Ray discs are fragile and susceptible to scratches, nicks, and getting lost.

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All Blu Ray movie discs contain a form of copy protection to prevent this from happening casually and on a whim. The most common reason to use a Blu-Ray Backup software is to make a physical copy of your initial Blu Ray investment.

Their latest MKV release is a welcome one for many users since MKV can be played on PC’s using free video playback software and on PS3 systems. The iToolSoft application is a great Blu-Ray software should you search for basic Blu-Ray back-up or copy and burn, but don’t buy it if you look for more complex features. If you purchase this application you might want to be sure things are so as, because you will probably not get an excessive amount of information in the company tech support team. Pavtube was founded just a few years ago and have been releasing DVD and Blu Ray software since. While still a young company they are jumping into the software business full force and are claiming their spot in the multimedia world.

No more customizable settings to reduce the file size or change the video resolution. Its beta version comes with firefox offline installer all features available and completely free. The MKV file you get contains all media contents in the discs. It reads and converts both DVD and Blu-ray discs even protected with AACS and BD+. Rip full DVD disc including trailers, menus, and special features. Compared with HandBrake, VLC is much simpler for beginners and semi-pros. Follow the lead of its intuitive interface, you can load, rip, and export the DVD video easily.

That what we thought and put this review together to help you sort out all the software options currently available on the market. This review rates the best of the best Blu-Ray copying apps today. Copy DVD videos to USB, HDTV, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

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