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Dating a korean man. 7 quirks about modern relationship


Dating a korean man. 7 quirks about modern relationship

This area is a hodgepodge of lifestyle pieces + cultural observations having a small concentrate on Southern Korea.

Nov 29 7 quirks of dating in Korea pt. II

To some extent We, we touched regarding the rise in popularity of blind times, love motels, coupledom obsession, and also the communication that is over-the-top. Here are the 7 staying peculiarities of Korea’s dating tradition:

Listed here are 7 quirks about contemporary love in SoKo

1 – On envy and possessiveness. Once Koreans enter coupledom, they often invest notably less time with buddies regarding the gender that is opposite. I’ve also been told going out 1-1 with a buddy from the reverse sex—while in an enchanting relationship—is a no-no that is big. (more…)

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