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Colorado Groups Join Nationwide Payday Lending Protest


Colorado Groups Join Nationwide Payday Lending Protest

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DENVER – It Is toxic. This is the message customer watchdog teams are delivering with this “National day’s Action Against Payday Lenders.”

After state legislation passed this year, payday-lending companies have experienced fairly tougher laws and regulations to follow in Colorado compared to neighboring states. There is now a 45 % limit on interest levels, and borrowers must certanly be offered at the least 6 months to settle their loans.

An organizer with the Colorado Progressive Coalition, says the steps haven’t stopped people from getting loans they can’t afford despite the revised laws, Caroline Casteel.

“the information shows it is not quite sufficient,” she states. “It is nevertheless a dangerous and product that is unaffordable. The standard price in 2013, based on the Attorney General’s workplace, ended up being 38 %, that will be nevertheless pretty high.”


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