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BISEXUALITY AND BIPHOBIA. Let’s begin saying that bisexuality is a…


BISEXUALITY AND BIPHOBIA. Let’s begin saying that bisexuality is a…

Let’s begin saying that bisexuality i thought about this is a legitimate orientation that is sexual no body should ever concern. You will find indeed numerous labels in the LGBTQ+ community, and several of them overlap, however it is no one’s business how one chooses to determine their sex. We are able to determine bisexuality due to the fact capacity to feel attraction that is romantic/sexual one or more sex and intercourse. It really is a sex that goes beyond the dualism of Heteresuality and homosexuality and talks about the fluidity of love.

Due to its complexity, numerous misunderstand and develops worries towards bisexual people.

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By way of example, numerous questions that bisexuals need certainly to endure are: “what percentage have you been interested in men and women?”, “Do you’ve got a choice?” “Do you still get the other sex/gender appealing whenever in a homosexual relationship and vice versa?”.

These questions, even if they show up from a location of interest and good faith, can undermine the credibility of bisexuality being an orientation that is sexual. (more…)

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