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B3-6-05, Month-to-month Debt Responsibilities (02/05/2020)


B3-6-05, Month-to-month Debt Responsibilities (02/05/2020)


This subject defines obligations that needs to be considered in underwriting the mortgage, including:

Alimony/Child Support/Separate Repair Re Payments

If the debtor is needed to spend alimony, kid help, or upkeep re payments under a divorce or separation decree, separation contract, or other penned legal agreement—and those re payments must continue being designed for a lot more than ten months—the payments needs to be thought to be area of the borrower’s recurring monthly debt burden. Nevertheless, voluntary re re payments need not be used into account and an exclusion is permitted for alimony. A duplicate associated with the breakup decree, separation contract, court purchase, or comparable documents confirming the amount of the obligation should be acquired and retained within the loan file.

For alimony responsibilities, the lending company has got the solution to decrease the qualifying income by the quantity of the alimony obligation instead of including it as a payment per month into the calculation for the DTI ratio. (more…)

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