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4. Reports which are not considered “notice” into the University


4. Reports which are not considered “notice” into the University

A. Public awareness events such as Take Back the night time, the Clothesline Project, candlelight vigils, protests, survivor talk outs, or any other discussion boards, including social media marketing and course conversations, by which pupils disclose incidents of intimate misconduct, discrimination, and/or harassment aren’t considered notice to MTSU of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and/or harassment for purposes of triggering its responsibility to analyze any specific incident(s).

B. Such occasions may, nevertheless, notify the requirement for campus-wide prevention and education efforts, and MTSU provides details about pupils’ Title IX legal rights at these occasions.

5. Exactly exactly How MTSU will consider a obtain confidentiality.

A. If your complainant discloses an event up to an employee that is responsible wants to steadfastly keep up privacy or demands that no research into a specific incident be conducted or disciplinary action taken, the University will consider that demand against its responsibility to offer a safe, non-discriminatory environment for several pupils, like the complainant.

B. The complainant should understand that the University’s ability to meaningfully investigate the incident and pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator(s) may be limited if MTSU honors the request for confidentiality.

C. In many cases, MTSU may possibly not be in a position to honor a complainant’s request to be able to provide a secure, non-discriminatory environment for several pupils. (more…)

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