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10 things we discovered from dating an Australian


10 things we discovered from dating an Australian

It may possibly be a thing that is culture the complete “you constantly want everything you can’t have” thing, but I definitely love dating an Aussie.

I usually discovered just how US dudes take to to get girls was a little aggressive. The US guys want to play games with girls, while the entire grinding thing? Yuck.

The flirting/hooking up game had been so various in Australia!

And let’s be genuine, my guy does proceed with the Aussie stereotypes-Blonde locks, surfer, beach bum and really really loves good beer! He’s a bloke that is top! (impressed with my utilization of Aussie slang? We bet you’re!) Anyways, I like dating an Australian and here you will find the good main reasons why!

**This post is solely according to my experience dating a few US and Aussie males, as well as in not a way wanting to generalize the US and population that is australian. Simply preference that is personal. Soz.


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